Do you believe that there is more to life than being hung up on your ex?

Welcome to the group coaching program!

Welcome to the program!  My name is Dave Glaser and I am excited to have you join us for the weekly meetings.  Thanks for connecting today and I wanted to share all the details so you know what to expect when joining our zoom meetings and the rest of the "Believe" program.
Each week on our calls, we will focus on self-awareness through conversation and reflection from each person checking in with the group.  Participation and attendance are key to your growth and for others that are invested in growing with you. 
Each call follows a specific structure and we will begin the call with a minute moment of silence to get grounded and present so that you can set our intentions for the meeting.
From your very first call, we will dive right into check-ins from members of the group so that we can hear what is coming up for you today as you date, heal and grow.  Whether you're on using dating apps, setting up a first date, navigating a breakup, and so much more.
What I want you to know right away is that nothing is off limits.  You can share anything within the group because we have a strict policy on confidentiality and what is shared in the group, stays in the group.
We even have a private group and community forum where members can connect with one another for support in between calls.  
From time to time, I will introduce tools that will help expand your self-awareness in life and love.  For example, on this week's call, I will be educating members on Attachment theory.  Are you familiar with your attachment style?
There are four that we will cover tonight; anxious, avoidant, secure and disorganized.  Do any one of those resonate with you most?
If you do, you're going to fit right in with the group discussion each Monday night at 7 pm mst!  Click below for a free week trial to make sure it's the right fit for you to receive support right now.
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