10 Signs Your Date Has a Secure Attachment Style

anxious attachment style attachment theory avoidant attachment style date dating dave glaser denver first love relationships secure Aug 01, 2022
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10 Signs Your Date Has a Secure Attachment Style
On this week's episode, I walk you through 10 signs that your date may have a secure attachment style.  Attachment theory research has been evolving since the last 60s and I discovered its impact in my life about five years ago and have been working towards earned security ever since.
Hope this episode brings you valuable information and reflection about how you show up when you date.
After a couple of bad breakups in 2017, I decided to make a change and took ownership of my role in the ending of those relationships.  
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Are you looking for support as you navigate modern dating with texting, social media and dating apps as a primary way that people connect and communicate?  Are you looking to fix your relationships while receiving and contributing to the lives of others from around the world?
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