243. Rater Date: The New App that is Changing Modern Dating with Nicole Drew

catfish catfished catfisher dating dating apps ghosters lyft nicole drew online rate my date rater date scammers uber yelp Sep 26, 2022
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243. Rater Date: The New App that is Changing Modern Dating with Nicole Drew
Nicole Drew is the creator and founder of Rater Date, a brand new dating app that invites users to rate the profiles they interact with for authenticity.  This gives you the chance to call out catfishes, ghosters, and inauthentic people that aren't really intentionally dating.  On this week's episode, Nicole shares her own personal journey that inspired her to create the app and we dive into the deep end from there.
If her message resonates with you today, please connect with her on Instagram or through the app store on Google Play and Apple Store by searching Rater Date.
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