246. Coming Unhinged with Dave Glaser

bumble burn out coach confidence date dating apps dave glaser denver facts about online apps hinge masculine in relationship online dating support tinder Oct 24, 2022
Dave Glaser Coaching
246. Coming Unhinged with Dave Glaser

From dating app users building a roster to people ghosting you, modern dating can be confusing and frustrating.  What do you do when you get frustrated?  I share real world solutions to dating burn out and confusion on today's episode.

On today's solo episode of the podcast, I share 10 facts about online dating that you NEED to know right now to be more successful dating in the modern world.  Technology, texting, social media and dating apps have us all chasing our tail when it comes to getting dates and connecting deeply with others.  These 10 facts will both shock you and bring some explanation to why it is so damn hard to date in 2022.

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Are you looking for support as you navigate modern dating with texting, social media and dating apps as a primary way that people connect and communicate?  Are you looking to build onto your relationships while receiving and contributing to the lives of others from around the world?

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