Relationship Programming, Subconscious Beliefs and Modern Online Dating with Tiffany Gingrich

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Relationship Programming, Subconscious Beliefs and Modern Online Dating with Tiffany Gingrich
On this week's episode of the podcast, I am joined by Tiffany Gingrich, NLP Practitioner and Yoga instructor, to discuss modern online dating.  Modern dating includes how people communicate through text messaging, social media and dating apps as a means to connect and get to know other singles.
With a degree in psychology and an extensive knowledge of the subconscious and how it works, Tiffany brings her professional and personal views on online dating to the conversations today.  
We dig in to how people show up online in the modern world, how we can better understand our attachment styles plus how our masculine and feminine energies play a part in dating online and in person.
Tiffany and I also discuss Ester Perel's take on intimacy and how our partner cannot be everything to us and the relationships we have outside of partnership are powerful to deepen the intimate connection we seek.
We also go layers deep into what a spiritual practice looks like for each of us and how going to a place like TikTok or YouTube for therapy is often times dangerous.
Tiffany shares a powerful tool with us called a Red Flag Inventory, tune in to the full interview to learn how it can apply to your dating experience!
If her message resonates with you today, please connect with Tiffany on her website or on Tiktok @tiffanygringrich
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