Talking Stage, Getting Ghosted and Safe Online Dating

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Talking Stage, Getting Ghosted and Safe Online Dating

On this week's episode of the podcast, I am joined by Charlotte Warren to talk all things ghosting in the modern dating era.  What is ghosting?  We dig into the timeline of when ghosting is acceptable and when it's not at all justifiable.

If you're single in 2022, you've been ghosted.  You may have even done some ghosting yourself.  Hell, I have experienced both and today we get clear on what the definition of ghosting really is.  Charlotte and I even expand on a few questions submitted by our audience members.  Here they are:

  1. A definition. I see this term used so often and it seems to mean different things to all.
  2. Why (would someone ghost)?
  3. Where did this trend come from?  Is it a lack of accountability in dating?
  4. What do we do to recover from the shock and heartache?
  5. When is ghosting a YOU problem?

If Charlotte's message resonated with you today, please connect with her on Tiktok @welcometothepeasantparty and to read her entire blog with the Ghosting chart mentioned in today's episode, click here now.

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