The Enneagram and Making Assumptions about Your Date with Dave Glaser

Jul 11, 2022
Dave Glaser Coaching
The Enneagram and Making Assumptions about Your Date with Dave Glaser

On this week's episode of the podcast, Dave is back with a solo share of a story from his dating life. Showing up authentically on a date isn't always easy and when two strangers meet, there is bound to be a collision of their pasts.  

Listen in as Dave narrates how the Enneagram can be a helpful tool for couples to connect and how it can be a way to make some not so warranted assumptions about your date!   If you're looking for more support in your dating life right now, head over to to apply for coaching today.

The Dave Glaser Podcast is for partnered and single adults looking to understand relationships through the lens of The Enneagram, attachment theory, self-awareness and personal growth. If you're like me, you're overwhelmed with all the choices available to you and the mixed signals that you receive are hard to navigate.

A few years ago, I was in the same place so I sought out relationship experts and real life daters to guide you to understand how to navigate the dating "scene" where texting, social media and dating apps are ways that people connect and communicate in the modern world.

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