What Do I Do If I'm Waiting for my Date to Reach Out

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You know, it's not unheard of that in our busy, modern world of dating, that it might be three or four days, maybe even a week before you hear back from a first date.

And that's okay.

In the space between the stimulus and response is our opportunity for growth. So the stimulus in this case is the first date.

What did I experience on the first date?

What questions do I want to ask myself?

How do I want to reflect on my experience and my emotions and my feelings and how present I was on that dat?

That's the stimulus. And then the response comes when either I or the other person reaches out after that first date.

What did I learn about myself in that time while I was waiting for that response or waiting to give the response from the date?

And what does that response feel like?

Does it feel like it's coming from a grounded centered secure place?

Or does it come from a place of, like, "I may never see this person again."

Is that true? Yes. You may never see this person again.

But what comes up in your body when you think about that? I always ask myself when I am responding after first date or second date?

When I'm responding in general, I ask myself, is this text message coming from a secure place?

And I get the opportunity to check-in with myself and do another body scan and to understand, am I excited to see this person get.

"Wow, I didn't expect to get excited when I hear or I heard from that person."

"Wow, my body must be trying to tell me something."

What is it that my body is trying to tell me?

In between the stimulus, which is the first date and the response, the in between time is our opportunity for growth.

Ask yourself at this time...

Did I feel lonely during that time?

Did I feel anxious?

Did I have any emotions show up in my body, or was I detaching from those emotions?

Was I avoiding them for any reason?

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