What Men Experience When They Cheat with Stuart Motola

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What Men Experience When They Cheat with Stuart Motola

On this week's episode, we welcome back Stuart Motola for a follow up interview to catch up with him after years of international travel.  Stuart Motola is a men's relationship coach who offers guys and couples concrete strategies for how to get unstuck in relationship. With over 15 years working with thousands of men on their relationships and personal growth, Stuart utilizes a unique system that breaks the patterns that keep men tied up in frustrating relationships.

Stuart and I dig deeper into the psyche of the Nice Guy and how he shows up in relationship as a martyr or victim and how he self-sabotages his relationships.  Have you been in a relationship with a Nice Guy?  Have you seen Nice Guy tendencies show up in yourself in a relationship?

Stuart describes how fear shows up in relationships in this way during our conversation,

"Notice the difference between I am fear versus I am feeling fear. And what does that fear want for me? Well, fear typically has the headline of, “I want you to be safe.”

Safe from what?

Safe from conflict. Safe from escalations, Safe.

So there's a little bit of a process in which I'll work with people to help them understand what would come up with the risk they're willing to take.

And in that exploration, the chasm between what the risks they're willing to take versus the risks they're willing to tolerate narrows, and it doesn't feel like the Grand Canyon anymore. And so their their toleration level gets much greater."  What resonates with you about this part of the episode?

Please connect with Stuart on his website, or on YouTube @stuartmotola to learn more about how he supports men and couples in their relationships.

If you're looking for more support in your relationship right now, please reach out on Instagram @daveglaser_cscs or on Tiktok for a more candid look at modern dating @dave.glaser

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