What to Look for On a First Date with Dr. Carrie Johansson

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What to Look for On a First Date with Dr. Carrie Johansson
On this week's episode, I welcome back Dr. Carrie Johansson to speak with me about psychological flexibility, modern marriage and what to look for on a first date.  
We both believe that fear and anxiety hold people back in relationships and I cannot thank Dr. Carrie enough for joining me to provide a reflection for me about my recent break up.
We dig into so many awesome topics on this podcast and here are a few of the biggest takeaways:
  • Psychological flexibility is the ability to notice the things around you while putting less weight to it.
  • Spinning in outrage keeps you in the stance of the victim.
  • A lot of modern daters want everything to move quickly and the point of a first date is to determine if you want a second.
If Dr. Carrie's message resonates with you today, please listen to her previous episode and reach out to her via her website at and pick up a copy of her new book!
If you're looking for more support in your relationship right now, please reach out to me with any questions on Instagram @daveglaser_cscs or on Tiktok @dave.glaser

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