Are you struggling to get over your ex?

Are they still on your mind day after day even though the relationship is over?


How do I get over my ex, release the pain and move on?


I asked myself these questions in the fall of 2021 after my own unexpected break up and I found that I was dealing with the five stages of grief.  It began with denial and I heard the same voice in my head asking, "How could this have happened to me?"

What followed shortly after was anger; the second stage of grief.  At that time, I got really angry at my partner for hurting me with their actions and when I took a deep look, I realized I needed to forgive them without the closure I sought. That choice was for me to be able to move on.  What does forgiveness of your ex look like for you?

Over the past four years coaching people through self-awareness, the Enneagram, attachment threory and masculine/feminine dynamics, I have found that each member has a different story to tell.  What's your break up story?

What was especially hard for you to get let go of?  

That's where we begin your journey in this group challenge starting soon.  We will dedicate the next four weeks to uncovering what it is that you're holding onto with your ex and the story that has created so much pain.  

From there, we will look even deeper into your relationship programming and patterns that show up in your past relationships.  That's where all the answers lie for you.

I know it sounds difficult and trust me, after going through this same process over the past nine months, I can attest that it will be the most challenging and empowering choice you will ever make for yourself.

You will discover a new level of gratitude for life, build new friendships along the way and receive support from them to heal wounds from whatever hurt others have caused you.

You will also get

  • Weekly coaching with specific advice for your relationship
  • A supportive community and private chat
  • Weekly discussion topics and tools to build healthy a relationship

Here's what clients are saying about the program.

  • "I love all that we have done and as you know it's been extremely beneficial for me." Niki
  • "I love that you have this space for people to gather and share and grow with one another." Jaime
  • "I LOVE the sentence stemming you did with us. I also love your calm demeanor. It definitely helps with my excitable, fast talking demeanor." Jeannette

If that sounds like the right fit for you, click below to sign up for a free week trial now.  No commitment, cancel anytime and no strings attached.

Just individualized coaching within a safe and confidential zoom call built to empower you to forgive yourself and others and begin finding yourself again.  

See you in the challenge.

-Dave Glaser

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