Welcome to The Club

Hello, I'm Dave.  Here to give you all the answers you need to create your ideal relationship!

The relationship with yourself sets the tone for every relationship in your life, but most of us have spent our lives taking care of everyone else over ourselves. Trying to figure out what we want, what we need, how we feel, and who we truly are—can feel incredibly overwhelming. Not anymore! This group coaching program was created to guide you through the sacred process of rediscovery, step by step.

Is this group for you?

Welcome to The Club. If you often feel like not enough, or too much.
You keep finding yourself in relationships with people who aren't good for you.
You don't set the bar high enough when it comes to the standard of how others treat you.
You alternate between having low standards and blocking people out altogether.
You have a general sense that 'something is missing' in your life.
You feel like there is some deep pain or sadness hidden in the background.
You find it SO uncomfortable to sit in the anxiety of the unknown.
You don't understand what all this talk about 'self-love' actually means in practice.
You feel (and maybe are told) that your expectations are "too high" and/or "not realistic."
You feel like your emotional needs are not met and you also feel 'needy' anytime you express them.
You don't know how to make a decision without someone else's guidance, you aren't sure what you actually want.
You're ready to take the next step after healing from a breakup or other traumatic experience.

Do you resonate with one or more of these?! 

I DID TOO... until I went deep into learning and practicing what it means to be unconditionally loving to MYSELF. Let's uncover the YOU that is hidden beneath all the masks you've worn and beneath everyone else's needs, expectations, and feelings. It's time to put yourself first.

Join the private group to get daily coaching with Dave and support from others just like you who are looking to discover all the tools it will take to create the relationship of your dreams this year!  

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What to expect.

Explore the origins that shaped you into who you are today, why change is hard and how to bust through blocks, and how and why you became who you are to fit in. Knowing what you came from and how it shaped you will be the basis of understanding why you are the way you are, react the way you do, feel the way you do, etc. Learn all about self-sabotage, how and why we limit ourselves, and how to overcome the blocks we use to stop ourselves from fully living with happiness, love and success.

Reconnect with your true self by connecting with + defining your values, learning your WHY and how to express it, getting real with yourself, and turning your wounds into wisdom. When you define these core aspects of yourself, you will have a solid understanding of how you can take action to strengthen the parts of you that make you feel like the REAL you and have bulletproof confidence.

 Deep dive into your emotions + underlying triggers, how they shape your experience, identify underlying emotional needs, how to choose differently, and take charge of your life. Expose your inner critic: learn to differentiate your inner critic's voice, learn the aspects of your shadow self, and unpack the history that is behind the shadow so that you can begin to gently accept these parts of yourself. When we conquer our emotions, we are the observer and can use them to guide us (rather than let them run our life's experience) and take our power back.

Bring all that you've learned about yourself together with powerful tools to succeed like strong boundaries, gratitude and appreciation practices, loving what is, choosing your surroundings (people, activities, etc.) wisely, knowing your work in the world, and tying it all together to create the future you desire.

Practice with weekly integration sections featuring powerful meditations, affirmations, life-changing expansive daily rituals/practices for self-love and self-care, and weekly fillable PDF workbooks that include exercises, journaling, sentence stems, and more explorations geared toward your expansion. You can't just learn how to be whole, you have to put it into practice, and we make it easy with a huge toolkit of practices.

 Being whole isn't just emotional, psychological, mental, spiritual, etc. It's also physical. Explore health & wellness with a Dave, a certified personal trainer and nutrition coach, with a plan including meal plans (including whole foods, vegan/vegetarian/plant-based options, gluten-free, dairy-free), to get creative with, and support & guidance to stay on track. Weekly movement suggestions will help you move stagnant, old energy out of your body, mind, and soul, and will make space for you to bring in all of the new, expansive practices that you are learning. New energy, new you!

 You will never be able to go deeper with another than you've gone with yourself. Are you tired of chasing your worth in other people? Are you tired of never feeling fully loved? To be radically honest, the solution is already in you, it's just a matter of rediscovering that you are already whole, loved, and worthy from within. Are you ready to show up for yourself? Are you ready to stop waiting for someone else to show you love in order to feel loved? It's time to start owning your life. Let's begin!

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